what type of helmet

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what type of helmet can I use as just looking around for one now bought a cartie can I not use a full face bmx helmet or does it have to be a motorbike helmet

can I use this :


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helmet standards

Different events have different rules regarding helmets and some races may be happy to let you use a cycle helmet. However, these tend to be the relatively short and slow races. You should always check the rules for the race you are entering and contact the organisers directly if you have any questions, but the majority of races require a proper motorcycle helmet so would be unlikely to allow you to race using a BMX helmet.

Your helmet should comply with one of the following standards;

  • BSI 6658-85
  • BSI 2495-77
  • EN 22.05
  • DOT FMVSS 218
  • SNELL M2005, M2010, SA/K2005 or K-98
  • ACU Approved  

Helmets with EN1078 (cycle and skateboard) or EN966 (airborne sports) will NOT be acceptable at the majority of races.

There really is no reason to try to cut corners and use a cycle helmet as you can get an ACU approved lid for about the same cost as that BMX helmet and then you can race anywhere.



scottishcarties | August 15, 2014 - 07:51

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