Gadget Show Gravity Racer Challenge

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Formula Gravity Racer for Gadget Show

 David Ackroyd and Ortis Deley with The Lotus Eater MkII

Next week's Gadget Show (Monday March 21st 8pm on Channel 5) will be featuring a challenge involving a race between a cartie and a Lotus. The cartie, built by Graham Parish Engineering and students from West Suffolk College using components supplied by Formula Gravity, is taking on a Lotus Elise to see who can complete the course in the shortest time. To even things out, the gravity powered racer will be travelling downhill while the petrol powered Lotus will be travelling uphill.

The course is at Saarburgh in Germany. It is very steep and technical, which should even things out and make for a very interesting challenge.

There is a trailer on the Gadget Show web site in which you can get a quick glimpse of the racer and a preview of the course.


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Gadget Show Gravity Racer

For those of yo who missed it when it was broadcast, the Gadget Show Gravity Racer v. Lotus Elise challenge can be viewed online at;

scottishcarties | March 24, 2011 - 12:16

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