"Scottish Cartie Association" is Born

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"Grampian Carties", which started out as just a web site to help promote cartie racing, has changed. A meeting was held last month at which is was agreed to form the "Scottish Cartie Association" to "support and advance the sport of Soapbox Cartie Racing in Scotland", and rather than build a new site we decided to re-brand the existing site.

The main focus in the immediate term is the organisation of Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme, a major new gravity race on the Cairngorm Mountain at theend of July 2009. This event is rapidly gathering momentum and promises to be jaw droppingly fantastic.

In the long run, the aim is to build a repository of knowledge, accessible via this web site, for gravity racers and event organisers. The first step in this is publishing all the safety documentation for Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme to give a starting point for an event Safety Plan and Risk Assessments.