Kirkton of Skene Cartie Race

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Saturday 19th June 2010
Saturday 19th June 2010

Kirkton of Skene Cartie RaceNow in its 9th year, the Kirkton of Skene Cartie Race is a popular part of the annual village gala.

Cartie workshops are taking place on Saturday 29th May at the Milne Hall, Kirkton of Skene at 2pm, and the organisers are providing kits to get the kids involved in making their own cartie.  

Carties are free with participants only having to collect £30 or more in sponsors. Children to come along with an adult and build their very own cartie, all they will need is a battery drill and a cross-headed screwdriver bit.

The Cartie Races are divided into Children's, teens' races and adults' races.

There are a limited amount of places - so it's first come, first serve. If you are interested phone Kenny Freeman on 01224 742804 to book your place.