About the Scottish Cartie Association

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The aims of the Scottish Cartie Association are;
(a) to support and advance the sport of Soapbox Cartie Racing in Scotland
(b) to establish and organise Soapbox Cartie Races in Scotland, and to encourage and assist communities and groups in Scotland to establish and run Soapbox Cartie Races
(c) to encourage and assist communities, organisations, groups, communities, educational establishments and individuals in Scotland to take part in the sport of Soapbox Cartie Racing
(d) to encourage and enable the sharing of resources and expertise between new and existing Soapbox Racing events and Soapbox Racing teams
This web site has been set up provide information, support and encouragement for cartie builders, competitors and event organisers. The aim is for the site to grow mainly through the contributions of soapbox cartie enthusiasts, both in Scotland and also further afield, so it becomes a source of information and advice for all cartie builders and event organisers.
The resources section contains hints and tips on building your cartie and it is planned to also add a section on event planning and organization for people who are interested in setting up a cartie event in their area.
The calendar section will contain dates of upcoming events, so if you are an event organiser then send us the details about your event and we'll add it to the list.
There is also a forum for open discussions of anything vaguely soapboxy, and a page of links to other relevant sites.
Although primarily focussed on Scotland, there is information of interest to soapbox enthusiasts everywhere, and the aim is for the site to grow in time into a repository of advice and information based on the experiences of everyone who contributes.